George Cruikshank

Caricature by Robert Cruikhank

In this caricature by Robert Cruikshank (known professionally as I.R. Cruikshank), quack doctors and those who oppose the new vaccination techniques against smallpox are shown being banished from society. These quacks are depicted as wanting to promote the spread of smallpox in order to earn professional fees by "curing" the patients. .

Many of Robert Cruikshank's caricatures focused on the barbaric ignorance of the medical profession at the time. This is one case where at least one faction of that profession, the doctors promoting vaccination, is shown as being enlightened. But the rest are depicted as money grubbing anti-vaxxers with a selfish interest in not preventing disease because a universal cure or prevention would be bad for their profits.

Robert Cruikshank - Commentary on Smallpox Vaccine

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