George Cruikshank - The Miser's Daughter

The Miser's Daughter by Ainsworth - illustrations by George Cruikshank

George Cruikshank Illustrations for the Miser's Daughter by Ainsworth

Cruikshank was a frequent illustrator of the books by William Harrison Ainsworth (4 February 1805 3 January 1882. Ainsworth was a popular historical novelist during the Victorian era.

Cruikshank provided the illustrations to Ainsworth's novel The Miser's Daughter. The book was later adapted into a play. Ainsworth was credited as the author of the play, but Cruikshank claimed that he had given Ainsworth the idea for the book in the first play, and that he should be given credit as an author A very public spat developed between the two men as Cruikshank wrote letters to the newspapers advocating his case. Here is a gallery of illustrations from the book.


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